Ribbon. Her real name is a classified information jk

She is Meg’s best friend. She was suppose to have a pixie cut in her first design but I decided to change it and make it curly which is opposite to Meg’s hair which is longer and straight. I also thought of changing her hair color into orange but I guess I can’t let go of pink hair coz it suits her more.

Some WIPs are here, here and here


portrait drawing practice



main character from my project


I’ve mentioned to this post that I’m planning to submit a story to BIC about these characters. But I decided to not to push it on BIC because stories in BIC are tapusan or one-shot. And I don’t plan on making this story a one shot because I’m pretty sure that 60 or even 120 pages are not enough to explore the characters and their emotions and back stories. Well Maam said that it’s possible to have 2nd volume if the sales are going to be good but I doubt that will happen tho. So I’ll just do my other plan, posting the chapters here on my Tumblr. I want to publish it to Tapastic but I don’t trust my English vocab heck! I even suck at my own language -____-

The title of the story is Me, Him and Her, it’s a story about Taz who is kind of a playboy and doesn’t want to enter any serious relationship until he met Kim and fell in love. Then he also met Wendy, Kim’s sister. When he finally realizes that he’s not scared to enter a relationship anymore he then decided to pursue Kim he but realizes that Wendy is going to some kind of adversary to Kim’s attention.

Whoa for some reason that summary is kind of misleading to what my real intention…but yeah I guess that’s the best summary I can write. Ha-ha. It sounded a bit cliché too and it smells like an annoying love triangle is going to form. Well, to me I think it’s not like that. Let’s just hope that I’ll be able to execute their story the way I really want to.


I really missed traditional drawing…or should i say doodle


i forgot to post my nurse doodle when we were still at the hospital. haha. it’s kind of weird doodling this while some nurses were there…


Back to Where we Started BACK COVER

Finally I’m done with this project. Phew! 

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World


Seeking a Friend for the End of the World fanart

I never thought Steve Carell and Keira Knightley would have a great chemistry, I think that’s one of the biggest reason why I love this film, two of my crushes are together in a film, aside from the wonderful story.


Dodge Petersen


I think I can finally move on from the film. And it will definitely have a very special place in my heart. I wouldn’t get tired even if I rewatch it over and over. It’s like this film is my comfort-film (like comfort food or something) despite all the pain it caused me.

I planned to put Sorry in there but then I realized I don’t know how to draw dogs aND I’M ANGRY AT MYSELF BECAUSE OF IT UGH.



I thought I wouldn’t make it because lineart is making me shed ugly tears damn! Haha I really don’t know what to do with the background because all I know is it’s only raining and no other details has been discussed so…*cries*  I don’t know what to say anymore I’m just really relieved that I managed to finish this okay back to my manga :D

edit: I changed the color of the guy’s shirt


Today is my homegirl’s birthday! hellogarcy HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

We’re supposed to have a “date” tomorrow but because I have bad luck we couldn’t go anymore. So I ended up drawing our plans ;_______; I wish we could still do our plans because I want to eat a freaking burger!


Penny Lockhart

I’m so madly in love with this film I can’t move on (and I’m perfectly okay with that). I’ve watched it like 3 times in one day and my mind and heart and soul is so full of Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. It’s so full of everything that I want. 

Maybe I’ll draw Dodge too if I got time


The “Balahura and Balasubas” for serin—dipity

holy crap after 84 years i finally drew them again and damn i really forgot how to draw Hel’s characters…ESPECIALLY FRIZ THERE’S SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE DESIGN *ugly sobs*

Haha I just ship this two so damn much, and their chemistry in the Balahura and Balasubas chapter almost killed me and I’m so happy that Serin is shipping them too! kyaaa! (You’re shipping them too right Serin-chan? *yandere voice*)

I think this is a ‘parody’ of the cover that I made for the story…haha i just…*lies on the floor*